Monday, October 15, 2012

Closing Brunch For Heroes Curated By Julie Torres @ Small Black Door

Installation view of work by Chris Harding

Installation view of works by James Prez

 Drawings by Brett Baker

Paul D'Agostino

Participating artist James Prez with Kerry Law and Katey Chapman

Sunday, October 14, curator, Julie Torres hosted a closing brunch for participating artists and visitors on the final day of the group exhibition Heroes.
The show was held at Small Black Door in Ridgewood, Queens and featured work by: Liz Atzberger, John Avelutto, Brett Baker, Paul Behnke, Deborah Brown, Sharon Butler, Kevin Curran, Joy Curtis, Paul D'Agostino, Rob de Oude, Lacey Fekishazy, Enrico Gomez, Chris Harding, Katarina Hybenova, Lars Kremer, Ellen Letcher, Amy Lincoln, Loren Munk, Matthew Mahler, Mike Olin, James Prez, Kevin Regan, Jonathan Terranova, and Austin Thomas.

For an informative walk through of the exhibition check out the video at James Kalm Report's Rough Cut here.

Kate Wadkins discuses the work on view with participating artist Enrico Gomez 

Installation view with abstractions by Enrico Gomez along with map pieces by Lars Kremer

Amy Lincoln

Work by Sharon Butler

Lacey Fekishazy

Kevin Curran

Loren Munk

Amanda Lynch (featured in the video piece Blessa by Hybenova) with participating artists Matthew Mahler and Katarina Hybenova

Lacey Fekishazy

Work by Deborah Brown

 Matthew Mahler

Curator (and Hero in her own right) Julie Torres greets participating artists Rob de Oude, Mike Olin and Joy Curtis

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