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Poets Who Paint: David Pollack Responds to the Attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue

Requiem for a Friend

by Rainer Maria Rilke
(In memoriam Paula Modersohn-Becker)

I have my dead, and I have let them go, and was amazed to see them so contented,
so soon at home in being dead, so cheerful,
so unlike their reputation. Only you
return; brush past me, loiter, try to knock
against something, so that the sound reveals
your presence, Oh don’t take from me what I
am slowly learning. I’m sure you have gone astray
if you are moved to homesickness for something
in this dimension. We transform these things;
they aren’t real, they are only the reflections
upon the polished surface of our being,
     I thought you were much further on. It troubles me
that you should stray back, you, who have achieved
more transformation than any other woman.
that we were frightened when you died. . .no; rather:
that your stern death broke in upon us, darkly,
wrenching the till-then from the ever-since—
this concerns us; setting it all in order
is the task we have continually before us.
But that you too were frightened, a…

The Thick Lines Between Here and There at Owen James Gallery

Last night I attended the opening of The Thick Lines Between Here and There. The exhibit is co-curated by Keith Schweitzer of SFA Projects and Owen Houhoulis of Owen James Gallery.

The exhibition brings four of Thailand's most recognized abstract painters together and presents their work along with well known contemporary artists from Europe and America revealing deep commonalities in both form and feeling.

On view at Owen James Gallery through December 8th.

Below are a few of my favorite works from the exhibition . . . .

The Thick Lines Between Here and There

Co-curated by Keith Schweitzer and Owen Houhoulis

On View through December 8, 2018

From the Press Release:

This dual-gallery exhibition brings four of Thailand’s most admired abstract painters together for the first time, offering a bold view into the country’s burgeoning & reinvigorated contemporary art scene. At the same time, they are presented alongside a number of complimentary artists from Europe and America who approach A…

A Quick Check in with Unnati Singh

I'm a big fan of Unnati Singh's artwork and have presented work and exhibit announcements by Singh in the past.  Here I want to take the opportunity to post a few images of current pieces the artist is working on.

Unnati Singh is an Indian, multi-disiplinary artist currently based in Mumbai.
"Her new works are a probe into time now . An exploration  into the accelerated pace of the current social and cultural fabric. 
Blending material and methods, she keeps an experimental approach. Her current process establishes her ongoing dialogue between conscious and subconscious, between painting and reproduced images , between virtual and real." 

You can keep up with Singh and her upcoming projects on Instagram, and Facebook .

Below are details of new works in progress . . . 

*All images provided by and © Unnati Singh.

Which Way Up: John McLean Film Screening at Linden Hall Studio


A Studio Visit with Meer Musa

Recently I paid a visit to the live/work space of Meer Musa in Ridgewood, Queens.
Musa's expressionistic, deliberate paintings and mixed media drawings offer a bold, graphic punch that works well in tandem with sensitive, personal narratives.
Subjects range from dreams and visions spurred by meditation to intimate and inward looking, quiet portraits in which the subjects are often surrounded by and merge with floral or other natural motifs. The half obscured subjects present a vulnerability and are as yet afraid to come out from behind their camouflage.
In addition to his painting Meer is also co-director of Trans-cen-der Art Group.
I hope you enjoy this photo essay of our visit.

From the Artist's Website:

Meer is inspired by spirituality, nature, and people, and the art he creates is deeply informed by these influences. His daily meditation practice motivates him to create artwork from a state of presence, and writings in tune with his understanding of spirituality help guide his cr…

Thornton Willis at Elizabeth Harris


In Process: Paul Behnke

In 2015 I started a series for the blog called In Process that was a rip off of the old feature in Art News magazine called __________ Paints a Picture.
It has been awhile since I did an In Process post but I recently documented the stages of a large work in progress and thought it would be great to feature a new instalment.
I hope you enjoy seeing the evolution of this recent work- Monument to the Ghost of a Bat, 2018.
To view past In Process posts just type In Process in the search bar at the top right hand corner of the  page.

From my artist's statement / bio:
Movies, films, comic books and super heroes, spiritualism and mysticism are all co-mingling with my formal romantic modernism, in a very literal sense. My new work contains many figurative elements that relate to the intersection of pop culture and spirituality with a special emphasis on the Mystic (used in the colloquial sense) and how it is co-opted by comics, movies and novels.

I’m particularly interested in the indoctrinati…