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Retrieval of the Beautiful at The Painting Center

Deanna Lee

The Retrieval of the Beautiful
A group exhibition on view through July 16th.
The Painting Center New York, NY

Final Show: An Occasional Dream at Life on Mars

Farrell Brickhouse

It's bittersweet to be included in Life on Mars' final exhibition.
Looking forward to a blow out of an opening with friends and peers that I respect and that have done so much to promote the medium we love in the neighborhood we love!

From the Press Release:
Life on Mars Gallery is pleased to present An Occasional Dream, our final exhibition celebrating our creative community.

This show will feature Life on Mars artists: Todd Bienvenu, Farrell Brickhouse, Mandy Lyn Ford, Brenda Goodman, Arnold Mesches, Fran O'Neill and Karen Schwartz. We have also invited regulars from our artistic community, including Len Bellinger, Paul Behnke, Paul D’Agostino, Daniel John Gadd, Catherine Haggerty, Elisa Jensen, Zachary Keeting, Thomas Micchelli and Dave Pollack. I will also be showing one of my pieces to raise a painterly toast to all that we have accomplished within the Bushwick community and at the gallery.

Fran O'Neill

Opening: Friday June 24, 6 - 9 pm

Life on Mars Broo…

Jonathan Cowan and Rachael Gorchov at Simuvac Projects

Rachael Gorchov (left) and Jonathan Cowan

From the Press Release:
“The arithmetical world is there for me only when and so long as I occupy the arithmetical standpoint. But the natural world, the world in the ordinary sense of the word, is constantly there for me, so long as I live naturally and look in its direction.” [1]

Simuvac Projects is proud to present the two-person exhibition "Nonspecific Places" featuring the works of Jonathan Cowan and Rachael Gorchov. Their work, exhibited together for the first time, allows viewers to inhabit a removed reality in which the natural world is at the forefront, although often placed at arms length. While Cowan and Gorchov begin with specific places, Cowan painting from photographs of visited locales, and Gorchov working from her sketches of the lawns, ponds, and plant life of the suburban landscape, ultimately they each remove any specificity through their respective multilayered processes.

Cowan’s surfaces straddle the calm and the cau…

David Rhodes @ Hionas Gallery

Untitled 10.4.16, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 118 x 78 in.

From the Press Release:
Hionas Gallery is pleased to announce the forthcoming solo exhibition from David Rhodes, entitled Between the Days, comprising three new large-scale abstract paintings, including one diptych, composed of fractured forms cast in interlocking angles that evoke distinctive yet ambiguous qualities. 
The show will run from June 2 - 25, 2016. 
Rhodes’ approach to painting is as much constructive as spontaneous, wherein moments of both precision and improvisation may occur. With this latest body of work, the contrast between painted space and lines of exposed canvas is lessoned, yielding a gestalt of rhythms and unified forms that seem to instantaneously accumulate throughout the painting. And while those familiar with Rhodes’ work will recognize a continuity in the resulting compositions, applying lines over and within an illusionistic pictorial space, for these newest paintings the artist has stopped most lines sho…