Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Gary Giordano Confronts Fear and Dread in a Time of Pandemic


The paintings in Gary Giordano's new series come face to face with the anxiety-riddled moment of fear and loss we all find ourselves in.
The works confront this anxiety in the tradition of the Expressionist painters of Germany (both past and current)
and the series of prints known as the Miserere by Georges Rouault.

 Gary Giordano in his studio last year, Lambertville, NJ
Photo © Paul Behnke 2020

"The paintings are my response to the pandemic; to the situation we all find ourselves in.
I began painting what I thought the face of the disease would look like but sometimes the original
intention of a painting is dropped and maybe something else is resolved.
I don't always know what that is. I figure it out later.
These are dark but I think, in time, I may see them differently. It's something that you begin
and continue on with because you feel your circumstance and experience compel you to."

-Gary Giordano

Monday, April 27, 2020

Bill Jensen, Raindance (Drawing for Shaman)

Bill Jensen, Raindance (Drawing for Shaman), 1980-81
Egg tempra, gouache, pastel and charcol on paper
© 2020 Bill Jensen

This Bill Jensen drawing has always felt like arrested motion and time stopped to me.

Bill Jensen