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Basil Beattie: Installation Photographs @ James Hyman Fine Art in London

Pathfinder, 1989
Installation photo with Corridors of Uncertainty, 2005
Corridors of Uncertainty, 2005 and Five Steps to Nowhere, 2002
House of Ambition, 2010, and Pathfinder, 1989
House of Ambition, 2010
Corridors of Uncertainty, 2005
Five Steps to Nowhere, 2003
All Ends Up, 2004
When the First Is Last and the Last Is First, 1999
*All photographs courtesy of James Hyman Fine Art
From the exhibition:
Basil Beattie Onward and Upward 25 Years of Work (1986-2011) 11-16-2011 to 1-21-2012 Catalog available

Helen Frankenthaler: 1928 - 2011

"I wanted things that I couldn't at times articulate."

Interior Landscape, 1964
Helen Frankenthaler, the lyrically abstract painter whose technique of staining pigment into raw canvas helped shape an influential art movement in the mid-20th century, and who became one of the most admired artists of her generation, died on Tuesday at her home in Darien, Conn. She was 83. - Grace Glueck, from the New York Times obituary
In the studio, 1957
In the studio, 1957
Installation shot: Small's Paradise, 1964.

*Photographs above of Helen Frankenthaler in her studio by Burt Glinn (c).

Charles Dickens Via Philip Guston's Studio Wall

A quote by Charles Dickens, in Philip Guston's hand, tacked to the painter's studio wall.

Studio Visit with Karl Bielik

On a recent trip to London I had the opportunity to take a look inside the studio of Karl Bielik. I first became aware of Bielik's work in 2010 and quickly came to admire the paintings' straight forward painterliness and unique vocabulary of mark and form.

From Bielik's website, Statement:
Working on a multitude of paintings at a time, Karl Bielik's brew of abstractions are developed in batches. Irregular canvases cover his studio walls and floors, where he shifts from one painting to another, experimenting playfully with mark making.  Formal lines taken from photographs and diagrams contrast loose oily wounds, thick emulsions offset light glazes and dribbles. Bielik fluctuates between techniques, pushing and challenging the paint until a kind of harmony is met.  In contrast to this emotive imagery, banal solitary words form Bielik's titles, tempering and balancing the melancholy character of his paintings; the result, a prolific collection of finely tuned sophisticate…

Robert Frank: For Andrea Who Died

Images above: details from Andrea by Robert Frank
For my daughter Andrea who died in an Airplane crash at TICAL in Guatemala on Dec 23 last year. She was 21 years and she lived in this house and I think of Andrea every  Day

Frank Auerbach: Faint Malodorous Light

"I'm hoping to make a new thing for the world that remains in the mind like a new species of living thing."

Head of J.Y.M., 1969
J.Y.M. Seated, 1986-87
To The Studio, 1982-83
Frank Auerbach, London 1962,photograph by Lord Snowdon (c)
"To put down an ideogram of a table so that people will recognize it as a table is not the work of a painter, but to sense it for a moment as a magic carpet with a leg hanging down at each corner is the beginning of a painter's imagination."

Figure on a Bed, 1969
E.O.W. Half-Length Nude, 1958
Railway Arches, Bethnal Green II 1958-59
Frank Auerbach in his studio holding his picture of the building site on Earl's Court Road in 1953
Maples Demolition, 1960
Frank Auerbach Portrait of Catherine Lampert (1981-2)