Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Chelsea Today

Monique Ford
Monique Ford

Susan Ross

Monique Ford (rt.) and Susan Ross

Susan Ross
Susan Ross

Emily Berger

Emily Berger

Emily Berger

Above: The Painting Center, Shared Space w/ Susan Ross + Monique Ford. Emily Berger: New Works

Lincoln Tobier, Wayne Gonzales, Jim Lambie, Ben Schumacher, Chris Martin

Clare Woods

Nathaniel Robinson, Sarah Crowner, Jim Lambie

Lisa Beck

Jules de Balincourt

Davina Semo

Above: Martos Gallery, We Regret To Inform You There Is No Space Or Place For Abstract Painting

Noam Rappaport

Alex Ebstein
Alex Ebstein, Ted Gahl, Maria Walker

Katie Bell

Cordy Ryman, Michael Dotson, Kadar Brock, Conor Backman

Above: Nudashank @ Art Blog Art Blog, Out Of Practice

Above images: Leon Kossoff

Above: Mitchell- Innes and Nash, Leon Kossoff

Above images: Louise Bourgeois

Above: Cheim & Read, Louise Bourgeois: The Fabric Works

Robert Mapplethorpe: Portraits of Deborah Harry, de Kooning, and Patti Smith

Above: Sean Kelly Gallery, Robert Mapplethorpe: 50 Americans 

Above: CUE Art Foundation, Joan Mitchell Foundaion 2010 MFA Grant Recipients

Participating Artists: 
Molly Anderson Smiegelski, Tulane University
Janet Bruhn, Virginia Commonwealth University
Micah Daw, The Ohio State University
Michel Droge, Maine College of Art
Patricia Fernandez, California Institute of the Arts
Rhema Ghuloum, California College of the Arts
Erik Gonzalez, Yale University
Kristin Haas, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Erik Kniss, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Jon Lee, Syracuse University
Caitlin Lonegan, University of California, Los Angeles
Cobi Moules, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Brian Porray, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Ashley Shellhause, Miami University
Michael Sirianni, University of Illinois at Chicago


brian edmonds said...

Man I wish I was in NYC right now. Looks like some pretty good shows. Nice juxtaposition of Kossoff and Berger. I have always been a Kossoff and Auerbach man. Some artists are best seen in person and those are two. How are the Berger surfaces? Are they waxed or varnished? Thanks again for the pics.

Paul Behnke said...

Yep, so much to see! I live here and never see all I want to.
Berger's work was oil on panel, no encaustic. The surfaces were luminous and had some depth that was possibly heightened by a varnish.