Friday, June 3, 2011

Suffering by Harold Venable

William Blake, Satan Inflicting Boils on Job, 1825 

Harold Venable / Suffering

Weeping all the clouds can muster
Calm the dust for sun to fluster
Green the skin for flowers mourning

Warn the dogs…
Pavlov’s coming

Rhyme an ancient curse called breathing
Truth the search involves a leaving
When the light is cloaked in shadow

Tell the gods…
Faith is fallow

© Harold C. Venable 1981


jen dournaux said...

I really like this poem.
It is beautiful and sadly, I understand it.
Hope that you are well Paul. :)
Thanks for making an art blog for all of us to tap into . . . your perception of the world is intelligent and passionate. I like it!

Paul Behnke said...

Thanks Jennifer!
I really love Harold's poem too.
I hope you are all well in Saint Augustine...say hi to your Mom!