Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meet Me At The Market!

As part of this year's Bushwick Open Studios, seven artists: Liz Atzberger, Sharon Butler, Brece Honeycutt, Lars Kremer, Austin Thomas, Julie Torres, and Audra Wolowiec, drew inspiration from the Moore Street Market and presented performances, installations, and a salon discussion.
I stopped by on Sunday to attend the Salon discussion, led by Sharon Butler. The topic was The Economics of the Open Studio.

The Moore Street Market @ Humbolt and Varet

Detail of Weeds, by another name, 2011. An installation by Brece Honeycutt

Artist Brece Honeycutt becomes a part of her site specific work.

Market Drawings by Julie Torres

Torres' installation included 14 acrylic on paper works.

A salon discussion on the Economics of Open Studios moderated by Sharon Butler (on right).

Above: Installation shots of Liz Atzberger's Pinata

The Push Pops gave a performance on Sunday.

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