Thursday, November 8, 2018

Françoise Gilot: The Woman Who Says No

Gilot in Vallauris, 1948
Photo: Willy Maywald

Francoise Gilot Interview on CBS Sunday Morning, 2017

Abstraction of a Nude, 1945

Idol, Child and Tulips, 1991

Gilot with Picasso and Claude, 1952 by Boris Lipnitzki

"It was a catastrophe I didn't want to avoid"
Gilot on her relationship with Pablo Picasso

Francoise Gilot

Self Portrait (Figure in the Wind) 1944

"In the work of all the generations of painters who were like Picasso, the figure is so huge, it’s all over the painting,” Françoise Gilot explains. “Whereas me, I have turned it the other way around. The figure is lost in a universe that is very much bigger."

Gilot with second husband, Jonas Salk

Gilot in her studio and the photograph used for the cover of the book,
The Woman Who Says No: 
Françoise Gilot on Her Life With and Without Picasso
by Malte Herwig

Gilot and Picasso by Robert Capra, 1948

Theseus, 1963

Portrait in Black (Myself at Work), 1943

In All Simplicity, 1997

Daphne, 1991

The Philodendron, 1943

Renewal, 1992

Return to the House of the Sun, 1995

Adam Forcing Eve to Eat the Apple II, 1946

The Hawk, 1943

The White Shadow, 1954

Gilot by Jody Rogac for the New York Times

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