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A Way to Gali Qasim Jan, New Delhi

Curated by Unnati Singh and featuring ten artists from Calcutta.


Introductory text by Unnati Singh

Hai ab is māmūre meñ qaht-e-ġham-e-ulfat 'asad' 
Ham ne ye maanā ki dillī meñ raheñ khāveñge kyā……..

Ghalib's long journey from Delhi to Calcutta marked a significant period of his struggle and experiences as a poet. He arrived Calcutta in February 1828 via Lucknow, Allahabad and Benares . This period saw him write Gul-e ŕanā a collection inspired by Calcutta.

After 190 years ten artists from Calcutta reflect back on the cities which hold Ghalib's heritage and it’s contemporary relevance .Their works create an intriguing allegory of multiple metaphors. These artists have tried to capture the internal rhythm , grace and beauty of the intricate culture Ghalib embraced in his poetry , layered with a resonance of wit and passion.

Kalkatte kā jo zikr kiyā tū ne ham-nashīñ
ik tiir mere siine meñ maarā ki haa.e haa.e
In collaboration with India International C…

Painting Dialogues: Dublin

Just a brief post to introduce some of the incredible artists I met up with on my recent trip to Dublin.
It was my first time meeting a couple of the painters in person but luckily I have been a fan of all their work for quite sometime. Such a pleasure to meet up and share a pint with them all!

Damien Flood

Eileen Kenny

Diana Copperwhite