Saturday, January 28, 2012

MIC: CHECK (The: human mic) (OCCUPY) @ Sideshow Gallery

This photo essay, of the annual group show at Sideshow Gallery in Williamsburg, focuses on the stunning variety of Abstract / Non- Objective art on view. The show is vast. It presents 489 artists and little more than 520 works.

Andrew duPont

Anne Russinof (top) and Ronnie Landfield

Bill Jensen

Carolanna Parlato

Chris Martin

Clara Stack

Cynthia Hartling

David Kapp

Debra Mintz

Don Christensen (l) and Emily Berger

Don Christensen

Don Voisine

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Eric Ansel

Gudrun Mertes-Frady

Heather Garland (l) and Gary Petersen

James Biederman

Jeanne Thomsen

Jeffery Cortland Jones

Jim Wilkinson

John Schofield Gulians

Karre Rafoss

Kazimira Rachfal

Kystyna Borkowska

Larry Webb

Louise P. Sloane

Lynette Lombard

Marianne Gagnier

Marthe Keller

Osamu Kobayashi

Peter Bonner

Richard Snyder

Rifka Milder (l) and Sandi Stone

Riley Brewster

Ron Gorchov

Sharon Brant

Susan Ross

Thornton Willis

Willy Timperio

MIC: CHECK (The: human mic) (OCCUPY)
Sideshow Gallery
319 Bedford Avenue
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211

The exhibition runs until Feb 26, 2012
Gallery hours: Thursday - Sunday, 12 - 6 PM

Friday, January 27, 2012

Elizabeth Gilfilen: No Longer, No Later @ the Hunterdon Art Museum

Tether, 2011, oil on canvas, 72 x 65 in.
Image courtesy of the artist. © Elizabeth Gilfilen

From the press release:

In all her work, Gilfilen’s interest in spatial complexity and layering is apparent. Her generous use of negative space serves to enhance the raw power that comes from the core of the painting. While the activity within Gilfilen’s paintings can be fierce and active, a closer look reveals great restraint and a very concise, specific set of visual cues that she uses to create these abstract representations. Her paintings can appear volatile and deliberate at the same time and piecing that puzzle together results in paintings that are anything but arbitrary.

Elizabeth Gilfilen: No Longer, No Later
February 5 - March 25, 2012
Opening Reception: Sunday Feb. 5, 2 - 4 PM
The Artist and the Director of Exhibitions, Jonathan Greene, will discuss the work and the exhibition on Saturday March 3, 2012 from 2 - 3 PM.
7 Lower Center Street 
Clinton, NJ 08809

Nonillion @ Regina Rex

Joe Brittain, Ocean and Boat, 2011, glass, ink, cork, and magnetized needle, 13 x 15 x 15 in.
Image courtesy of Joe Brittain and Regina Rex.

Nonillion: a group show featuring the work of Brice Bischoff, Joe Brittain, and Katy Fischer
The exhibition runs until 2 / 26 / 2012
1717 Troutman
Queens, NY 11385

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Work on Minimal Exposition Contemporary Art Blog

Paul Behnke, 2011, Hektor's Cut, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 46 in.

Happy to have my work featured on Minimal Exposition, "a curated contemporary art blog for viewers who value images over words."

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Five @ Gallerie 1/52

René Korten, Bishop, 2008, acrylic on paper, 62 x 48 cm.

A Group Exhibition featuring the work of Ky Anderson, Brian Cypher, Yifat Gat,
Vincent HawkinsRené Korten
curated by Raoul Hebreard and Sophie Menuet
Opening Reception: March 10, 2012, 6:30 - 9:30 pm
Gallerie 1/52
La Seyne sur Mer