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Debra Ramsay at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

From the Press Release:

You might be surprised to learn that this installation— comprising a profusion of colorfully painted and curled strips that pile, unfurl, and tumble across the floor—is a landscape. Yes, a landscape.

Debra Ramsay generates a strict set of rules to guide her creative process for each new body of work. For this installation, she distilled her daily walks in the woods to pure color. What you are seeing is her color record across four seasons.
Painting Time is at once reductionist and exuberant. While Ramsay reduces the complexity of color change in nature to momentary snap- shots over a year of seasons, the swirling heaps of color evoke nature’s abundance.

That the conceptual rigor of her work doesn’t overpower the aesthetic pleasure of the experience is a testament to Ramsay’s artistic power. Painting Time exists in the aesthetic realm—a place where interpretation is nuanced and fluid, and where understanding can deepen each time an artwork is experienced, revisit…

Patrick Heron: Painter of Soul, A Film by ArtTop 10

Patrick Heron: Painter of Soul. A film about the renowned British artist Patrick Heron by painter and Founder Robert Dunt coinciding with the retrospective of Patrick Heron at Tate St Ives. Follow ArtTop 10 here.

George Warren at Hillsboro Fine Art

George Warren: Misprint

Through June 2, 2018

Hillsboro Fine Art
49 Parnell Square West
Dublin 1, Ireland

*All photographs courtesy of the artist and Hillsboro Fine Art

Willard Boepple at Cynthia-Reeves

From the Press Release:

Willard Boepple is an unabashed modernist: an innovator within a strong and defined sculptural tradition that renews itself through the rigor he brings to his process, and by his being open to the element of surprise. His aesthetic is refined, with enormous emphasis on economy and restraint. 

In this exhibition, his monoprints are accompanied by larger scale floor-based sculptures and by a series of 3D printed small sculptures, a new area of exploration. To make his sculptures, he rarely works from drawings or maquettes, but draws the sculptures after they are made, as if to figure out what he has done. It was this drawing practice that led to the inquiry into 3D printing. Boepple’s colorful works on paper are derived from the shapes and shadows of his sculptures. Those positive and negative shapes evoke structures that are the underpinnings of the prints. The compositional structure of each print is built much the way his sculptures are: geometric shapes placed …

Christopher Stout at Lichtundfire

From the Press Release:

Lichtundfire is pleased to announce SONIC OPERA, an exhibition of new intimate-sized, abstract reductive paintings by New York based artist Christopher Stout. This marks the second Lichtundfire solo show by the artist, and also his sixth exhibition project with the gallery. Christopher Stout’s first solo exhibition at Lichtundfire was COME OUT 2 SHOW THEM in April of 2017. As a metaphor of the words of Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier, the French nobleman and ground-breaking scientist who was guillotined during the French Revolution due to his aristocratic background, who stated that, “…nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything transforms,” SONIC OPERA is both an expansion of, and a focused convergence on the work from his previous solo exhibition. Stout forms a vocabulary that is the result – in its original sense of res ultima (lat.) – of a synthesis of the visual disciplines of abstract reductive painting, abstract minimal sculpture and sound art composition…

Kirk Stoller at Romer Young Gallery

From the Press release: Romer Young Gallery is pleased to present its fourth solo exhibition with artist Kirk Stoller, the Color ran from his face. There will be an opening reception for the artist on Friday, April 27th, 6-9pm. Using minimal color, Stoller distills the essence of the work down to its structure and its form. While traditionally the artist has used color as an emotional implicator to invite psychological, emotional and speculative engagements with the viewer, this time around he has chosen a muted, monochrome palette. By neutralizing the spectrum, Stoller minimizes the distractions and interpretations thus allowing for an experience with the larger gestalt. In these subtle and understated sculptures, line creates form and structure provides support; together they offer the basis for the visible shape of things. Decidedly non-representational, Stoller's work is "broad enough for all viewers to be able to create their own unique relationships with each piece. Follo…

New in the Studio


Studio Portraits and Snapshots

This post is a collection of some favorite portraits and snapshots that have appeared on Structure and Imagery since I began the blog in 2011.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed revisiting them.