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Working Clothes!

Frank Stella, ca. late 50s early 60s photographer unknown

I recently ran across this old photo of Frank Stella in a ratty but obviously well loved studio sweater and it occurred to me what a strong role our studio get ups play in maintaining consistency and ritual in our studio lives, perhaps even serving as armor or confidence builders as we face the days work. So, I asked some of my favorite artists from all over the world to submit photographs of themselves in the working clothes they felt most comfortable wearing while making their art. The results are below . . .

Debra Ramsay, New York, NY web

Mandy Lyn Ford, Los Angeles, CA web

Joan Mellon, New York, NY web

Arvid Boecker, Heidelberg, DE web

Nooshin Rostami, Brooklyn, NY Photo taken at the Artel Residency in India, 2016 web

Katrin Mäurich, London, UK web

René Korten, Tilburg, NL web

Sharon Butler, New York, NY web

Reckless in an Ever-Changing World at Life on Mars

Clintel Steed,  Men Finding His Conchiseon Mars, 2016. Oil on wood panel. 48 by 65 inches

Reckless in an Ever-Changing World  Curated by John Yau  
Featuring works by Phil Allen, Karen Schwartz, and Clintel Steed May 20 – June 26, 2016 
Opening Reception: Friday, May 20th from 6 – 9 PM 

From the Press Release:
Life on Mars Gallery is pleased to present Reckless in an Ever-Changing World, curated by John Yau with works by Phil Allen, Karen Schwartz, and Clintel Steed. 
In 1976, the American expatriate artist, R. B. Kitaj, organized an exhibition for the Arts Council of Great Britain that he named Human Clay. I was reminded of Kitaj’s title when I began thinking about how to put together this exhibition. I wanted to make a distinction between painters who made images and were interested in resemblance, and those who worked with paint as if it were some kind of clay, a material to shape and interact with, while responding to their subject matter. This is not exactly what Kitaj had in mind when h…

If Color Could Kill, Curated by Jeff Frederick at the Salena Gallery LIU

Photo by Jeff Frederick

Photo by Jeff Frederick

Photo by Robin Stout

Brooke Moyse, Partick Berran, Trudy Benson, Jeff frederick, Gary Petersen, Robert Otto Epstein and Paul Behnke. Photo by Jake Cartwright

Paul Behnke, Craig Taylor and Trudy Benson

Trudy Benson

Paul Behnke

 Keltie Ferris, Robert Otto Epstein, Paul Behnke

 Trudy Benson

Craig Taylor

 Brooke Moyse

Curator Jeff Frederick and Paul Behnke Photo by Robin Stout


From the Press Release:

William Turner Gallery is pleased to present Ed Moses at 90, a milestone exhibition and the first comprehensive retrospective of the artist's drawings and paintings since 1996. The installation will occupy two venues: William Turner Gallery and the former Santa Monica Museum of Art building at Bergamot Station. 
On the occasion of Moses' 90th birthday, the exhibition will celebrate the varied and prolific career of this indelible Los Angeles art world fixture. A painter and "mutator", whose allegiances have been to tireless experimentation rather than to the tenets of any one movement, Ed Moses has been honing a distinct visual vocabulary for over 60 years, obsessively mining the possibilities of abstraction. At 90, Moses continues his dogged search for the elusive metaphysical power of painting, creating works that are about the expression of temporality, process and presence, beyond the physical limitations of surface.
The exhibition will surve…

Thornton Willis at Elizabeth Harris Gallery



Thornton Willis: Step Up
through May 7
Elizabeth Harris Gallery