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A Poem By Else Lasker-Schüler

A book of watercolor postcards by Franz Marc sent to the expressionist poet Else Lasker-Schüler (available here.)

An Old Tibetan Rug
Your soul, which loveth mine, Is woven with it into a rug-Tibet.
Strand by strand, enamored colors, Stars that courted each other across the length of heavens.
Our feet rest on the treasure Stitches-thousands-and-thousands-across.
Sweet lama-son on your musk-plant-throne
How long has your mouth been kissing mine,
And cheek to cheek colorfully woven times?

-Else Lasker-Schüler

New Work: Two Small Paintings

Both paintings are aprox. 18 x 17 in., acrylic on canvas, and as yet untitled.

Taking Stock @ A-M Gallery

Inga Dalrymple: Sidewise, 2011, oil on canvas, 102 x 84 cm.

Taking Stock: A Group Show Georgina Pollard, Inga Dalrymple, Kate Beckenham, Cathy Weiszmann, Petrea Fellows, Justin Cooper, Charlotte Haywood, Cigdem Aydemir, Caroline Duffy December 5 - 22, 2012 A - M Gallery 191 Wilson Street Newtown Sydney, NSW

Quote: Clyfford Still

Untitled, 1957, oil on canvas, 113 1/4 x 148 in.

"From the most ancient times the artist has been expected to perpetuate the values of his contemporaries. The record is mainly one of frustration, sadism, superstition, and the will to power. The anxious find comfort in the confusion of those artists who would walk beside them. The values involved, however, permit no peace, and mutual resentment is deep when it is discovered that salvation cannot be bought. We are now committed to an unqualified act, not illustrating outworn myths or contemporary alibis. The artist must accept total responsibility for what he executes. And the measure of his greatness will be in the depth of his insight and his courage in realizing his own vision."

- Clyfford Still

Moving Towards Abstraction With Rachael Wren @ The Art Students League

Rachael Wren, Echo, 2012, oil on linen, 48 x 48 in.

Rachael Wren
Moving Towards Abstraction

January 19-20

Fee $275
Instructor present every day
Enrollment limited to 12 students

In this workshop, participants will explore and experience the process of abstracting from the world around them.  Working from observation of natural objects, students will be guided through a series of drawings in which they investigate notions of rhythm, mark, shape, texture, and speed.  On the first day of the workshop, the emphasis will be on working quickly, making many small drawings, while the second session will focus on creating one or two sustained large drawings.  We will address the concept of scale as well as discuss strategies for developing an effective composition. Experimentation with a variety of materials such as charcoal, ink, collage, and paint will be encouraged as we work towards the goal of creating images that capture the essence of the objects we are looking at without bein…

A Dialogue In Abstraction: An Online Exhibition @ Curating Contemporary

Sabine Tress, Pink Blue Brown, 2012, acrylic and brown tape on canvas, 49 x 43 in.
A Dialogue in Abstraction
curated by Brian Edmonds
Featuring work by: Paul Behnke, Sabine Tress, Michael Voss, Ky Anderson, Valerie Brennan, Clayton Colvin, and Patricia Satterlee

View this dynamic grouping of abstract painters in Curating Contemporary's sixth online exhibition here.

Upcoming and Ongoing: Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Dan Roach, And David T Miller

Jeffrey Cortland Jones
Tilting at Windmills Curated by Dustin M. Price
featuring work by: Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Chris Kineke, Diana Behl, Jo Palmer, Brad Guarino, Nichole Maury, Rosalyn Richards, Sarah Stonefoot, John Chang, Garric Simonsen, Kuzana Ogg, Jillian Dickson, and Ellen Siebers
December 7 - January 22, 2013 The Wisconsin Union Galleries Porter Butts Gallery The University of Wisconsin

Dan Roach, Falling to the West, 2012, oil on panel, 19.5 x 14.5 cm.
Dan Roach: Recent Paintings and Drawings December 8 - 30, 2012 Campden Gallery High Street Chipping Campden Glouchestershire GL55 AG6

David T Miller
Java Jive: New Work by David T Miller Through December 2012 Green Line Cafe Powelton Village 3649 Lancaster Avenue Philadelphia, PA

*All images courtesy of the artists

LOOKOUTOUTLOOK @ Giampietro Gallery

Lucy Mink Dead Trees, 2012, oil on linen on panel, 20 x 34 in.
Featuring work by: Jake Berthot, Gregory Amenoff, Dushko Petrovich, Sharon Horvath, Thomas Nozkowski, Clint Jukkala, Melissa Brown, Becky Yazdan, Peter Ramon, Will Lustenader, and Lucy Mink
Curated by Christopher Joy
Opening: Friday, November 16, 5 - 8 PM
November 16 - December 21, 2102
Giampietro Gallery
315 Peck Street
New Haven, CT 06513

Culture / Nature @ Sideshow Gallery

For further information on this exhibition @ Sideshow and other must see shows follow the link here.

Studio Visit With Melissa Dunn

On a recent trip to Memphis, TN, I was able to stop by the studio of the painter, Melissa Dunn. Dunn's abstracted compositions have their origin in drawings and collages based on a wide range of source material. Yet once the paintings, proper, have begun, a reliable intuition comes to fore. At this point, Dunn alternates between that intuition and practiced, organized, formal decisions. The result is real painting that springs from seeds sown alongside Whitman's grass with all the intellect and romance that would imply.

Melissa Dunn in her studio, Memphis, TN, 2012.

New Paintings

All work is acrylic on canvas, aprox. 48 x 50 in. and as yet untitled. © Paul Behnke