Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Studio Visit With Melissa Dunn

On a recent trip to Memphis, TN, I was able to stop by the studio of the painter, Melissa Dunn.
Dunn's abstracted compositions have their origin in drawings and collages based on a wide range of source material. Yet once the paintings, proper, have begun, a reliable intuition comes to fore. At this point, Dunn alternates between that intuition and practiced, organized, formal decisions. The result is real painting that springs from seeds sown alongside Whitman's grass with all the intellect and romance that would imply.

Melissa Dunn in her studio, Memphis, TN, 2012.

To view more of Melissa Dunn's work follow the link here.

*All paintings © Melissa Dunn.


Barbara CampbellThomas said...

She just keeps getting better and better!!!! I've visited this studio too, a great studio conducive to lots of looking and talking....

Paul Behnke said...

I've always loved Melissa's work but this was the first time I'd been to her studio. What an incredible space to work in!