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Matthew Neil Gehring at Stout Projects

Matthew Neil Gehring's Mixed Business will be accompanied by a full color catalogue that includes a Director's forward by Robin Stout and an essay on the work by Thomas Micchelli. (photo courtesy of the artist)

Matthew Neil Gehring: Mixed Business
Opening: Saturday, September 3rd, 4 to 6 pm
September 3 - September 25, 2016 Stout Projects is pleased to present Mixed Business, a solo exhibition of New York painter, Matthew Neil Gehring. Matthew Neil Gehring’s provocative new works are energy cells, exuding a punch derived from a deep interest in color, its slippery, if not fictional nature, and its similarity to sound.  In this work, scale is volume control, color and movement are pitch, tempo, and timbre.  Drawing inspiration from Goethe’s statement (and a nod to Bowie) that “sound and vision are two rivers that flow from the same mountain", this body of work is at once reflective and action oriented with elusive and often contradictory elements. Gehring lives and works in Queen…

A Studio Visit with Sabine Tress

View of the Cologne Cathedral


Last month I was able to visit the studio of the German painter Sabine Tress.
Although, Sabine is based in Cologne she has curated shows in Europe and here in the U.S. and I have been fortunate enough to have my work included alongside hers in many group shows from Dallas to London over the last four or five years.
It was a highlight of our trip to finally meet and spend hours talking with Sabine and to view more of her vibrant, commanding paintings in person.


Last Night and Tonight

Marion Piper, Repeat Copier (JET/ 004), Pencil, gouache and oil on canvas on panel. 40 x 30 cm, 2016

The Black & White Project
August 12 – September 11, 2016

Organized by Look & Listen 
Curated by Yifat Gat

“The very nature of working in The Black & White Project lends a sense of unity, which facilitates the assemblage of works from a broad range. Illustrative, grid-­based, drawing, embroidery, reductive, graphic, intuitive and freehand are just some of the approaches represented here. This curatorial exercise seeks to highlight at once both similarities and differences, creating a rich mixture of dialogues and contrasts.” YG

Artists included:
Alain Biltereyst, Armelle De Sainte Marie, Béatrice Beha, Ben Alper, Benjamin Gardner, Brian Cypher, Brian Edmonds, Brynn Higgins-Stirrup, Catherine Haggarty, Christine Mahoney, Claire Colin-Collin, Clinton King, Daniel G. Hill, David Rhodes, Didier Petit, Don Voisine, DotsToLines, Emily Noelle Lambert, Eve Aschheim, Espen Erichsen, Gabriele…

Arvid Boecker: Insomnia at Stout Projects

Arvid Boecker in his studio in Heidelberg, 2013

Arvid Boecker: Insomnia
through August 7, 2016
Stout Projects

Julie Torres: Past Present Future


Lark: Funny Man -The Remixes

Lark is an independent, London based band helmed by painter, Karl Bielik.
The new collection, Funny Man the Remixes has just been released by Standard Lamp Recordson the 25th of last month . . .

On SOUNDCLOUD and iTunes

From the Press Release:

Following the release of Lark’s fifth dispatch from the dark – the critically acclaimed Funny Man – Artist and Frontman Karl Bielik, was struck by a curious notion: what would happen if the album was taken apart, track by track, and then re-assembled without the use of an instruction manual? A bold move to be sure, especially in light of the amount of work, detail and control that went in to the construction of the original. And for all his curiosity, Bielik was certain of one thing: having birthed Funny Man, he was far too close to the original creation to smash the songs to bits and then attempt to stitch them back together again… He was going to need outside help. Some of the remixers involved in this new project had already played on the album a…