Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lark: Funny Man -The Remixes

Lark is an independent, London based band helmed by painter, Karl Bielik.
The new collection, Funny Man the Remixes has just been released by Standard Lamp Records on the 25th of last month . . .

From the Press Release:

Following the release of Lark’s fifth dispatch from the dark – the critically acclaimed Funny Man – Artist and Frontman Karl Bielik, was struck by a curious notion: what would happen if the album was taken apart, track by track, and then re-assembled without the use of an instruction manual? A bold move to be sure, especially in light of the amount of work, detail and control that went in to the construction of the original. And for all his curiosity, Bielik was certain of one thing: having birthed Funny Man, he was far too close to the original creation to smash the songs to bits and then attempt to stitch them back together again… He was going to need outside help. Some of the remixers involved in this new project had already played on the album and were keen to offer their own interpretation of Bielik’s vision. Others were contemporaries of his, desirous to see the results of filtering the original songs through their own prisms, sensibilities and realities. And the resulting remixes offer another side to Lark that, while not necessarily obvious at first, still retain the gritty flavour and grimy feel of the source material. And this is where Bielik’s curiosity – and, by extension, yours – is satisfied. It’s different and twisted and bent out of shape but it’s still Lark, and recognisably so. Few are those who sing the dark like this, no matter how much light is shone on it.

Some Press for Lark – Funny Man

Mojo - 4/5 - 'A dark subcurrent of industrial noise runs under raspy vocals punctuated by driving basslines that fuel this idiosyncratic album' 
Louder than War - 8.75/10 - 'One of the albums of the year... one of the most exciting albums around' 
Vive le Rock - 7/10 - 'Swathe upon swathe of FX-laden sonic attack, as Bielik tears out his tortured soul' 
Metro - 4/5 - 'The menace lurking just beneath the surface is as contemporary as it is compellingly groovy.' 
Norman Records - 7/10 - 'Industrial electronic pop with grinding beats and lashings of guitar scree' 
Gigslutz - 'An ode to the dysfunctional; brimming with guilty, gritty, passive aggressive tracks.' 
Penny Black Music - 'Bielik's songs are gorgeous... funny? No. Worth the agony, most certainly, yes.
' Whisperin' & Hollerin' - 'For those with an appetite for the bleak and bizarre, indulge yourselves to your hearts’ discontent.'

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