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Even More of a Poet Than a Painter

Detail fromThe Birth of Venus by Cabanel, 1863
"Yes, my friend," the old man replied as he wakened
from his trance, "you must have faith, faith in art, and
you must live a long time with your work to produce
a creation like this. Some of these shadows cost me a lot
of hard work. Look there--on that cheek, under the eyes
--that faint shadow which you'd swear was untrans-
latable if you saw it in nature.  Do you suppose an effect
like that didn't cost me incredible difficulties to re-
produce?  But also, my dear Porbus, consider my work
closely, and you'll understand something more of what I
was telling you about the way I handle the modeling
and the outlines.  Look at the light on the breast and you'll
see how, by a series of brushstrokes and by accents ap-
plied with a full brush, I've managed to capture the truth
of light and to combine it with the gleaming whiteness of
the highlights, and how, by an opposite effort, by smooth-
ing the ridges and the texture of the …


Lorna Simpson @ Salon 94

Inaugural Exhibition @ Mulherin + Pollard

Raffaella Chiara @ Frosch & Portmann

Daniel Peddle @ NP Contemporary Art Center

William Stone @ James Fuentes LLC

Jesse Willenbring @ Laurel Gitlen

Three @ Theodore:Art

Three – Damien Flood, Joy Garnett, Andrew Seto 14 May – 19 June 2011 Theodore:Art 53 Mercer St. NYC 10013 212. 966. 4324 Gallery hours Friday – Sunday 12 – 6 pm or by appointment
Stephanie Theodore of Theodore:Art presents a studied exhibition of contemporary abstractions that blur the lines between figuration and non-objectivity.
From the gallery's press release: 
"Damien Flood's work is situated between fact and fiction. The paintings are modern landscapes that reference the history of painting with an underlying fantastical element. A fleeting familiarity can be found in the work that is soon replaced by an ambiguous questioning. Joy Garnett utilises painting to investigate the modern experience of global events as mediated and choreographed by images from news media and social networks. Walter Benjamin’s prediction that alienated man would be dazzled by the spectacle of destruction seems prescient in light of Garnett’s lushly painted scenes of disaster and chaos.
Andrew Seto ma…

Heidi Pollard: Recent Works

Heidi Pollard, 2011, (l to r) Imperial Numerals,Blade, oil on canvas, and Bitter Lake Homage, collaged wood/masonite scraps, oil paint. Image courtesy of the artist.
Heidi Pollard: Recent Works May 21 - July 4, 2011
TransVagrant @ Warschaw Gallery 600 S. Pacific Avenue San Pedro, CA 90731

Unsung: Peter Pinchbeck

Peter Pinchbeck 1931 - 2000

Twist of Fate, 1995, 64 x 72 in.

Untitled, 48 x 62 in.

Converse, 64 x72 in.

Yearning for the Infinite, 48 x 66 in.

Dusk, 60 x 72 in.

Untitled, 36 x 48 in.
"In the aftermath of his life, I find myself compelled to fight his battle for him:  I am convinced that my father's art is late breaking news from the last century. The work he left behind is probing and profound, abject and obstinate,  luminous and eerie, eccentric yet true to its own inner logic. It revels in