Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Christopher Wilmarth: As Early As November

"My move to Brooklyn was a matter of nourishment. In Manhattan I had begun to starve, 
slowly, in an environment that increasingly oppressed my dreams. Invasions of self consciousness and trivial consumption were altering the shape of that wonderful island. A kind of psychic landfill was absorbing the special edges, the possibilities of discovery. To exist in the present became an encounter
with marketing strategies.
And Brooklyn? Brooklyn is the Universe. Brooklyn can't be known; it is the experience of the 
nourishing present. From my studio in the Hook I can reach around the world."

"If it's not magic - it's merchandise."

"The structure of most dealer- artist relationships is decidedly feudalistic. A dependent position may be agreeable to some artists but it's not to me.
Personally I don't like being diminished, especially in my own estimation: Serf is not my scene."

"Nothing else looks like being alive."

- Christopher Wilmarth

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