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Backstory on Tilted Arc

Paul Behnke, No Title, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 18x18 in.

Very happy to be included on Tilted Arc's site in their Backstory series. Here painters are invited to share insight into a particular piece or body of work.

Read my entry here:

Trestle's Annual Winter Sale

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Studio Visit w/ Jodie Manasevit

This week I had the pleasure of visiting the studio of Bushwick based painter, Jodie Manasevit.
In Manasevit's abstract work nuanced, spirited color combinations, and segmented forms are enhanced by a varied application of paint. Taken in as a whole these elements converge to produce a rich, frantic visual experience that never wholly masks the planning and consideration that are crucial to their making.

Manasevit received an MFA from Hunter College in 1985. She has mounted one person exhibitions at the Worchester Art Museum, Diacono Fine Arts in Boston, and at White Columns in New York, among other venues.
Currently Manasevit is represented by Berry Campbell in New York, NY.

Possibly Painting/Painting Impossible @ Life on Mars

Looking forward to this! See you there . . . . 

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Sunday December 8, 3 PM - ?

Life on Mars
56 Bogart Street
Bushwick, Brooklyn

In Process With Christopher Quirk

Christopher Quirk's ambiguous abstract paintings resist literal interpretation. Instead they convey a sense of the sublime by subjugating allusions to the body, and biological and geographical elements in favor of letting paint be paint. Here the Brooklyn based painter gives us a look at the development of Not up, not down, 2013. The painting seems to start as distinct halves but the sections are soon joined by a bridge of marks and drips that seem to be contained, in the end, by an icy curtain of white.

I began with silver acrylic, followed that with some washes of color in oil and built from there. In the final photo you can see (barely, pencil doesn't photograph well) the drawing at the top of the painting, the last element to be applied. I use a combination of fluid and direct applications as well as glazing, and tend to build paintings layer by layer and let the final image emerge. There is quite a bit of improvisation involved, as I generally don't work from drawings, p…

Emmanuel Ballangé / Exposition de Peintures

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For more information on Ballangé and his work check out this interview from Standard Interview from 2012.

Richard Timperio @ Janet Kurnatowski and G Grippo Art + Design

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Correspondences: Ad Reinhardt at 100 @ Temp Art Space

From the Press Release:
On the occasion of Ad Reinhardt’s Centennial, TEMP Art Space is pleased to
announce Correspondences: Ad Reinhardt at 100, an exhibition that displays Reinhardt’s rarely shown writings, notes, and diagrams alongside works by thirteen established and emerging contemporary abstract artists. Correspondences features works by Sebastian Black, Keltie Ferris, Wade Guyton, Jacob Kassay, Zak Kitnick, Scott Lyall, Yoshiaki Mochizuki, Olivier Mosset, Steven Parrino, Nathlie Provosty, Julia Rommel, Michael Scott, and Don Voisine.

Correspondences: Ad Reinhardt at 100 Through December 14, 2013 Temp Art Space 57 Walker Street New York, NY 10013

Jack Davidson @ Sometimes (works of art)

Jack Davidson: When We Touch Through January 3, 2014 Sometimes (works of art) 83 Canal Street New York, NY 10002

Paintings And Painted Objects On The Lower East Side: 11/9/2013

Below you will find a photo essay of paintings, and sculpture or installations in which color plays an important role, that are now on view on the Lower East Side.

Installation view with curator, J.J. Manford.
Peter Acheson: Rusted Giacometti Curated by J.J. Manford Through November 17, 2013 Novella Gallery 164 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002