Thursday, June 2, 2011

Canadians: Emily Carr 1871-1945

Carr's studio mid 1930's

Emily Carr 21 years old

Dear Mother Earth!
I think I have always
specially belonged to you.
I have loved from babyhood
to roll upon you, to lie with 
my face pressed right down
on to you in my sorrows.
I love the look of you and
the smell of you. When I die I
should like to be in you
unconfined, unshrouded,
the petals of flowers against
my flesh and you covering
me up.


lucy mink said...

really love her work, thanks for posting Paul

Paul Behnke said...

A friend of mine just turned me on to her work!

Norm said...

Just stumbled upon your blog having recently read an excellent novelisation of her life - The Forest Lover, by Susan Vreeland. I love Emily Carr's work, thank you for posting.

Paul Behnke said...

Norm, thanks for sharing the title of the book. I'll check it out!