Monday, October 22, 2018

A Quick Check in with Unnati Singh

Unnati Singh in her studio in Mumbai, 2018
Photo courtesy of the artist.

I'm a big fan of Unnati Singh's artwork and have presented work and exhibit announcements by Singh in the past.
 Here I want to take the opportunity to post a few images of current pieces the artist is working on.

Unnati Singh is an Indian, multi-disiplinary artist currently based in Mumbai.

"Her new works are a probe into time now . An exploration  into the accelerated pace of the current social and cultural fabric. 

Blending material and methods, she keeps an experimental approach.
Her current process establishes her ongoing dialogue between conscious and subconscious, between painting and reproduced images , between virtual and real." 

You can keep up with Singh and her upcoming projects on Instagram, and Facebook .

Below are details of new works in progress . . . 

*All images provided by and © Unnati Singh.

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