Sunday, May 15, 2011

Amy Sillman: Statement

Amy Sillman. Photo by Brad Harris

"Every day the raw, the goofy,
the inexplicable, the urgent,
the disrupting, the embarrassing,
the awful, the complex, and the 
fearsome barge into my life,
whether I like it or not. I respond
with paintings that are partly cartoon,
partly lament, partly grudge, that I 
hope are unpredictable, beautiful,
but sort of shaggy. Doubt can be an 
advantage. I have no advance visual 
strategy. I don't make drawings before
I begin and I make a lot of changes
intuitively as I go along.
I have an eye for the beauty of
ugliness, awkwardness, isolation.
Like a fatso, my paintings are 
built for comfort, not for speed."

-Amy Sillman


brian edmonds said...

Have always been a big fan. I think I have only seen 5 to 10 of her paintings in person but was really impressed with the surface and tension. I went back watched the James Kalm video of her show from a year ago. What aspects of her work do you like?

Anonymous said...

Great post!

Paul Behnke said...

Thanks Sheri!

@Brian- I like Sillman's work because she is a Painter!
She uses paint on canvas. The work isn't slick and puts a contemporary spin on straight abstraction. When the figurative elements are added the work approaches the same black comedy feel that Guston just nails. And of course formally I love her color combinations. She combines a lot of opposites which is important to me---fast/ slow, thick/ thin, figure/ abstraction etc.