Sunday, March 9, 2014

Painters! (I Admire Greatly)

 Elizabeth Alley, Memphis, TN

 Elizabeth Gilfilen, New York, NY

 Anne Russinof, New York, NY

 Unnati Singh, New Delhi, India

In honor of International Women's Day 2014 and Women's History Month this post includes a (by no means complete) collection of incredible painters that I admire greatly.
Please enjoy the images and follow the links below to get a better, and more in depth, look at each artist and her work.

 Inga Dalrymple, Sydney, Australia

 Connie Goldman, Petaluma, California

 Gwennan Thomas, London, U.K.

 Sabine Tress, Cologne, Germany

 Carolanna Parlato, New York, NY

 Sandi Slone, New York, NY

 Marina Adams, New York, NY

 Julie Torres, New York, NY

 Rebecca Murtaugh, New York, NY

 Gudrun Mertes-Frady, New York, NY

 Kimberly Rowe, Berkeley, CA

 Fran O'Neill, New York, NY

 Gili Levy, New York, NY

 Louise Blyton, Melbourne, Australia

 Jamie Powell, New York, NY

 Patricia Satterlee, New York, NY

 Justine Frischmann, San Francisco, CA

 Valerie Brennan, Nicosia, Cypress

 Debra Ramsay, New York, NY

 Joan Mellon, New York, NY

 Karen Schifano, New York, NY

 Helen Ferguson Crawford, Atlanta, Georgia

 Melissa Dunn, Memphis, TN

Kim Uchiyama, New York, NY

*All images courtesy of and © of the respective artists/photographers.


Ravenna Taylor said...

Terrific post, Paul, thanks!

About Connie Goldman said...

I honored by you, Paul. I'm also honored to be in such esteemed company.

Unknown said...

Great post.

rappel said...

great line-up!