Monday, October 14, 2013

Meta Vista @ 16 Wilson (Formerly Storefront Bushwick)

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Each of the artists in this exhibition generate work from a distinct point of view, but each point of view is one that is illuminated and connected by this show’s title, Meta Vista. Meta: beyond, transcendent, self referential and critical, in the abstract. Vista: an extensive mental view, a distant expanse. These artists make the invisible visible, make the real unreal, and vice-versa. Each is engaged in a practice of advanced visual art that overtly or subtly engages an existential discourse; form and formlessness, presence and absence while remembering that a vision is both an analytical tool and an intuitive experience, as well as both difficult to attain and a pleasure to apprehend. 

There are echoes of a formalist modernism, but the textures, structures, forms and surfaces of these artists deal in and with the eternity and the struggle of the present. Reductive by degrees, these artists make work that challenges our perceptual reality and constructs, providing slipping glimpses of another place or plane of consciousness. The philosopher’s question, why something rather than nothing, answerable in the conclusion that nothing – no space/no time/no matter, is not possible, or at least not possible for us to conceive of, is the terrain and the challenge of Meta Vista. This mode of image and form making are born of a compulsion to take a stand as an artist in relation to the zeitgeist. Working in states that range from decidedly raw towards more calculated and controlled, there is a variety in the resolve of the works, but consistency in parallel paths. 

16 Wilson (formerly Storefront Bushwick)

Bushwick / Ridgewood

Saturday - Sunday from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

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