Monday, June 18, 2012

Studio Visit with Matthew Neil Gehring

Last week I visited the Greenpoint studio of painter Matthew Neil Gehring. Gehring's works combine the stoic formalism of traditional minimalism with a painterly touch. The result requires the viewer to spend time looking in order for the work's optical effects to fully manifest.

Matthew Neil Gehring in his Greenpoint studio, 2012.

From the Artist's Statement:

I believe that abstract art asks us to slow down perception and become contemplative and openly curious in a world that increasingly asks the opposite. My paintings, drawings, and sculptures are borne of an immersive studio practice, in which I am consistently drawn to the intersection of form and formlessness. Here lies the edge of perceptual experience, our understanding of existence. Although there are forms and tendencies to which I am partial, I avoid preconceptions of final form or composition, in favor of engaging in and with the moment. I believe in gradual progression, things that fold and unfold with duration, with focus, and balance.


Hayley Barker said...

Gorgeous new work Matthew. Glad to see it and your support of Gamblin, a Portland company. Now if I could see it in person!

Michael Scott said...

Really nice piece on you Matt. And the work looks really interesting.