Monday, June 25, 2012

Inaugural Show @ Ethan Pettit Contemporary Art

Gili Levy

Rafael Fuchs

Images from the Inaugural Show at Ethan Pettit Contemporary Art.

Richard Humann

Roger Egert

Alicia Papanek (on left) and The Nose, a 1991 blueprint assembled by the Williamsburg artist community. It shows an areal view of the waterfront. The Nose was a periodical poster- magazine.

Detail of The Nose 

Henry G. Sanchez

Mari Oshima

Alkemikal Soshu

Installation view

Installation view

Inaugural Show
Alicia Papanek, Alkemikal Soshu, Eva Schicker, Rafael Fuchs, Gili Levy, Mari Oshima, Jan Holthoff, Konstantin Lange, Robert Egert, Henry G. Sanchez, and Richard Humann
Until June 30, 2012
Ethan Pettit Contemporary Art
119 Ingraham Street #312
Brooklyn, NY 11237

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