Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Visual Memphis

Laurel Sucsy, Sweet Jane, 2012, oil on linen, 59 x 55 in.
image © the artist.

Check out the new monthly art magazine / blog, Visual Memphis, by Dwayne Butcher.
Butcher's last blog, Artbutcher, was a staple in the Memphis art community and his new endeavor promises to fill the void left by the former blog's closing last February.

From Visual Memphis' welcoming statement:

Visual Memphis is dedicated to the visual arts and artists of Memphis. The quality and number of artists that are currently in and from Memphis is astounding. Really. This website will post monthly contributions by and for this community. Each month we will post images from studio visits with a practicing artist, an interview with a current student, illustrations from recent graduates, stream-of-consciousness writing from  a variety of artists, an examination of architecture and a number of reviews and essays. In between "issues" there will be posts on specific topics from specific people. (Which really means posting the articles that writers did not get to me in time!) Also, we will be posting event information for recent and upcoming exhibitions in the area throughout the month.

Follow the link above to visit Visual Memphis or click the link in the sidebar, to the right, under Art Blogs.

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