Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Girls Only: India

Above image and background: Shreya Dev Dube.

Girls Only is thrilled to announce an exhibition celebrating the work of 15 contemporary female artists working in India. Spanning photography, performance, installation, sculpture, film, video, written word, textiles, drawing and painting, this exhibition seeks to demonstrate the staggering capacity that, while considerably and comparably underrepresented, young women remain at the forefront of radical art practice in India today.

Beginning as a studio residency program in New York, with five consecutive shows in London as well as an experimental exhibition/installation in Copenhagen, Girls Only has been supporting, celebrating and promoting the work of young female artists since its inception in 2014. Girls Only locates its genesis in the imbalance of representation of women in exhibitions and galleries, however resists reduction to a reactionist statement that could potentially reaffirm or reposition the binary between sexes in the arts. Girls Only pursues equality between female and male artists by seeking to level the playing field: seeing a drought in opportunities for the former, it aims at providing precisely the space, time, and occasion for these to materialise.

Girls Only will be hosted by Ministry of New, a design-inspired collaborative workspace for independent professionals looking to be part of an international, creative community.

This exhibition will travel to London to be on view at Cob Gallery in London during summer 2016. 

Above image and background: Shreya Dev Dube.

Featured artists:

Art Room Foundation
Becky Allen
Poulomi Basu
Julianna Byrne
Shreya Dev Dube
Girl Skate India
Nishita Jha
Payal Kapadia
NorBlack NorWhite
Prajakta Potnis
Vidha Saumya
Atita Taware
Aqui Thami
Vidisha Fadescha
Jinal Sangoi


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