Monday, April 25, 2016

David Pollack at Stout Projects: Opening Reception for the Artist

Painter, David Pollack at the opening of his first one man show Fifth Season in Brooklyn, NY

Jason Rohlf, Farrell Brickhouse and David Pollack. 

 Robin Stout the founder and director of Stout Projects with Pollack's Spring Sight:Red Hook, Brooklyn, 2015.

 Robin Stout, Holly Wilson, and Jon Cowan

 James Prez, Farrell Brickhouse, and Len Bellinger

 Joanna Karatzas catches up with Farrell Brickhouse

 James Prez and Emily Berger

 David Pollack signs a copy of his catalogue for Emily Berger

 Juan Hinojosa

 Riad Miah and Clarity Haynes

Vincent Como, Holly Wilson, Debra Ramsay and Jason Rohlf

 Installation view

David Pollack: Fifth Season

On view through May 22

Stout Projects
Brooklyn, NY

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LOOKING good! All the best to YOU.