Friday, April 17, 2015

Some Assembly Required @ The Curator Gallery

Celia Johnson

Tomorrow is the last day to catch Some Assembly Required, curated by Mark Wethli.

From the Press Release:

Taking its title from the familiar phrase found on   the labels for everything from tricycles to bedroom furniture, Some Assembly Required points to a similar stipulation for artists who employ geometry, which might be thought of as a kind of “kit” from which their work is constructed. While the narrow range of platonic forms found in plane geometry might seem too limiting for some, for these artists (and others like them) geometry’s neutrality and universality is what leaves it most open--but also most challenging--to creating new meanings and visual experiences. 
“For artists working in this vernacular, geometry is to their work what haystacks were to Monet or bottles were to Morandi; not what the work is about or even what defines it, but simply the constant through which other ambitions, forms of expression and visual experiences can be tested and realized,” says Wethli.  
Wethli chose the artists for their differences as much as their similarities, creating a striking collection of contrasts and connections.  “The strengths these artists bring to their work is not in their use of geometry alone—which is something of a given -- but how these timeless forms are assembled and developed,” says Wethli.  “They even invite the pleasurable prospect of ‘some assembly required’ for the viewer as well.” 

Some Assembly Required
curated by Mark Wethli

featuring work by: Steven Alexander, Karen Gelardi, Celia Johnson, Lael Marshall, Duane Paluska, and Don Voisine

Through April 18, 2015

520 W 23 Street
New York, NY 10011

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