Sunday, June 8, 2014

Supports Surfaces: Panel Discussion and Opening @ Canada

 The early crowd settles in.

 Canada co-founder and painter, Wallace Whitney, makes opening remarks and introduces the panel.

Last evening Canada hosted an informative panel discussion to augment their current exhibition Supports Surfaces.

The learned panel was moderated by Rachel Stella and included Art Historians and writers/critics Bernard Ceysson, Paul Rodgers, and Raphael Rubinstein. But most importantly two of the exhibiting artists, Noël Dolla and Pierre Buraglio, were also present and were able to give voice, clarity and insight into the concerns and origins of their work.

Excellent points were made as to the relationship and reactions for and against French Modernism and the work of the American Abstract Expressionists as well as the influence of American Pop Art and Minimalism.

Rubinstein and Whitney also made pertinent points regarding the concerns of the Support Surfaces movement of Southern France in the 1960's and work being produced by many young painters in New York today.

(See below for exhibition details)

 Perhaps Supports Surfaces greatest advocate, Bernard Ceysson and panel moderator, Rachel Stella.

 Art  Historian Paul Rodgers makes a point.

 (l to r) Exhibiting artist Noël Dolla, critic Raphael Rubinstein, and exhibiting artist Pierre Buraglio

 Noël Dolla

 Buraglio responds to a question posed by raphael Rubinstein.

 Patrick Saytour

 Marc Devade

 Painter Loren Munk takes in the work on view.

 Patrick Saytour

 Part of the crowd seen through a work by André Valensi

 Jean-Michel Meurice

 Claude Viallat

Pierre Buraglio

Supports Surfaces
through July 20, 2014
333 Broomr Street
New York, NY 10002
in association w/ Gallerie Bernard Ceysson
catalog available with an interview of Bernard Ceysson by Rachel Stella and with a foreword by Joe Fyfe.

*best efforts were made to attribute work in the hectic atmosphere of the opening reception/panel talk. If any errors are noted please bring them to my attention in the comments section so they can be corrected. Thank you.

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