Monday, May 13, 2013

Studio Visit With Gary Giordano

Gary Giordano is a painter originally from New Jersey who maintains a live/work studio in Brooklyn, NY.
Giordano's paintings combine an intuitive application of paint with a Neo-Expressionistic color sense to create dramatic shifts in space. These spaces are, at times, bisected with a line that can be descriptively figurative in one area and used as a purely, formal element in another.
This produces a result that embraces the decorative and the more muscular qualities of paint in the same work.

Ringo in the studio.

Detail of unfinished work.

Gary Giordano in his studio. Bushwick, Brooklyn 2013.

 To view more of Giordano's work visit his studio, @ 55 Meadow Street, Brooklyn NY, during Bushwick Open Studios annual event May 31 - June 2.

*Some of the paintings shown above are in process.

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Unknown said...

Love the vibrant choice of Color. can not wait for June 1st