Friday, November 18, 2011

Time Flies: Rose, Rodin and Camille

Auguste Rodin, 1862

Portrait of Young Woman (Rose Beuret), The first bust Rodin did of her when she was twenty-one.

Mignon (Rose Beuret), 1869

Rodin at age forty, ca. 1880

Portrait of Rodin by Alphonse Legros, 1881

Thought (Camille Claudel), 1886

The sculptor, Camille Claudel

Eternal Springtime, 1884, by Rodin

The Fall of an Angel, 1885, by Rodin

The Eternal Idol, 1889, by Rodin

Rose Beuret, 1890, by Rodin

Rose Beuret, 1890, by Rodin

Bust of Rodin, 1888, by Camille Claudel

The Farewell, 1892, Rodin's last portrait of Camille Claudel

Rodin walking with his dogs in Meudon, Val-Fleuri

Rodin surrounded by his works in his studio museum.

The Monk, by Rodin based on an engraving by Prud'hon

Rodin, 1917

Rose Beuret in profile over the years. 

Rose Beuret by Henry Tonks

Rodin and Rose Beuret (Mme. Auguste Rodin)

The bide and groom (Rose Beuret and Rodin) 1917

Daphnis and Lycenion, 1885, by Rodin

Psyche-Spring, 1885, by Rodin

Avarice and Lust, 1885, by Rodin

The Kiss, 1886, by Rodin

Rodin on His Deathbed by Pierre Choumoff

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Anonymous said...

All these images were soooo interesting.
1. as ways to see inside the famed artists' lives
2. how the characters related to each other: love, art, life
3. and how the artists transferred all this stuff into their art.

Of course, so much of this is implied by the images. Whether the gossip is true or not, that will always be a secret. HA!