Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Robert Armstrong: Paintings From 2007

At Sea, 2006

Island, 2006

A Landscape, 2007

Holbein's Tree, 2005

Cell 32a, 2006

Of The Rocks I, 2006

Zeus' Tears, 2006

Landscape without Equestrian Portrait of Louis XIV, 2006

The Valley of the People who Don't Know Anything, 2007

Ark, 2007

Deluge, 2006

The Red Sea, 2006

The Burning Bush, 2006

Durer's Dream, 2006

The images above are from Robert Armstrong's exhibit: Afterimages held in 2007.

Robert Armstrong
8 February - 10 March 2007

For more information on Armstrong's work and to view more recent paintings please visit Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Chancery Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland.
Or visit the artist's site here.

*images are from the catalog Robert Armstrong:Paintings. Published by Robert Armstrong and Kevin Kavanagh Gallery. Available here.


Liz Mares said...

Honest and direct.

lucy mink said...

my kind of landscapes, love them

Terry Greene said...

Great post and wonderful paintings! Thank you.