Monday, October 28, 2019

This Full Moon: Image and Text by Nehal Devi

Digital image of traditional Indian miniature reworked by Nehal Devi
Original: Krishna and His Family Admire a Solar Eclipse, Kangra school, India, 1710 - 1778; 
from the Freer + Sackler Collection

Jyeshtha Purnima, This full moon
Give up your seeking.
What you seek
Is seeking you,
In a way far beyond
You or your seeking.
Remember, when you see the Moon today
Thousands who are seeing too.
And in that seeing
We are all connected.
This full moon, knowing
The isolation is an illusion,
And in that knowing
We are all connected.

by Nehal Devi

Nehal Devi is a yogini and an artist, who expresses herself through varied forms: painting, performance and moving/still images. She explores the seemingly paradoxical relationship between Nehal, the ‘self’ identified with her name and form (the relative ‘I’) and Devi, the unchanging unidentified ‘Self’ (the absolute ‘I’). Her work focuses on I-I.

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