Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Eraser by Brian Edmonds and Curating Contemporary

Eraser is a new Curating Contemporary quarterly published by painter and curator, Brian Edmonds. Curating Contempoary was begun in 2012 with the goal of connecting artists, curators, and likeminded people. Since its inception, has hosted over 50 shows and the work of hundreds of artists.  

From the Press Release:

"Starting this month I will publish a Curating Contemporary quarterly titled ERASER. The quarterly will feature the work of 6 artists, interviews conducted by artists and curators, and poetry.  Volume 1, features work by Susan Carr, Sabine Tress, Melanie Parke, Valerie Brennan, Mandy Lyn Ford, and Ellen Siebers;  with interviews by Christina Renfer Vogel, Catherine Haggarty, Brianna Bass, Dana-Marie Lemmer, Jodi Hays, and Amelia Briggs; poem by Alexis Christakes. The book is available through Blurb."

- Brian Edmonds

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