Thursday, October 8, 2015

Karen Baumeister

Karen Baumeister with her work.
Photo: Jeff Baumeister

It is with deep sadness that I relay the news of Karen's passing. 
I want to send love and condolences to Jeff and their daughter.Of course it's a great understatement to say that she was a beautiful person of integrity and an astonishingly sensitive painter but I want to say it anyway.Her friendship, her life and art will all continue to inspire us.

 Detail of Grays Over Blackened Blue, 2011

 Tekhelet, 8x8 inches, 2012

On one of our excursions to Chelsea. Karen with Milton Resnick's work at Cheim & Read, 2011.
Photo: Paul Behnke

 Little Pink, 8x8 inches, 2012

 Karen's work hanging in Eight Painters at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, 2014.

Group photo in front of Karen's work in Eight Painters, New York, NY

 Installation view of Karen's paintings in Pair: 40 Paintings, 20 Painters at Proto Gallery.

Karen Baumeister and Nick De Pirro at Proto Gallery in Hoboken, NJ 2013.

 Stout, 8x8 inches, 2011

Whites of Gray, Yellow, Red, 60 x 60 inches, 2013

For more information on Karen's work follow the link.

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Ravenna Taylor said...

Thank you. She was a beautiful person. I'm sorry you have lost her friendship in this life, Paul.