Thursday, December 4, 2014

Back In Situ, or Turns @ Centotto

A simposio exhibition at Centotto

Works seen and discussed before, by and large,
in chanced, displaced ways.

Ex situ then, back in situ now, 
with new terms and turns to convey.

Back In Situ, or Turns is a group exhibition paying tribute to the many artists who presented works at Studio Visits (Ex Situ) sessions in 2014, the year in which these gatherings were introduced into Centotto's regular programming.

The show features works by most of those artists, including Ben Pritchard,Wendy KlempererBrenda ZlamanyBarbara FriedmanKate TealeCathy Quinlan, Thomas Micchelli, Joana RicouJeffrey Bishop, David McDonough, Anne RussinofBob SengUrsula Sommer, Nicola Ginzel,Robert FrancaMila DauRichard SigmundJeff FrederickKatherine Jackson, Tender & Endangered Cow/Horse of Dimness, Kurt StegerRafael FuchsNick GreenwaldJohn MurraySeth MulveySophia Chizuco, Elizabeth Johnson, Alexis NeiderJonathan QuinnKerry Law, Eileen Weitzman, Marcy Rosenblat, Jim Donahue, Karen MarstonVeronika GolovaKay Sirikul Pattachote and Rosie Lopeman.

A PDF of the artists' simposio writings will be available upon request sometime after the opening, yet prior to our simposio discussion.

Opening reception: 5 December 2014, 7-10pm.
Simposio discussion: "New Terms & Turns," date & time TBD.
Closing reception: TBD.

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