Thursday, September 12, 2013

On The Walls In The New Apartment

Christ Entombed an ink drawing by Bob Thompson

Paintings by Julie Torres, Karl Bielik (on left), and Dale McNeil

Dale McNeil

Jullie Torres

Karl Bielik

Slowly but surely we are getting our art collection unpacked and up on the walls.
We gave up a lot of wall space in exchange for the new apartment in Manhattan so we are going to have to rotate our collection of great work from friends and favorites.

Indian Miniature paintings acquired from the artist in Agra

 A screen print by Gerald Laing

Mali Shield circa 1940

Etchings by John Hoyland

Inga Dalrymple

The Seine Paris, a watercolor by Henry Miller

The Seine Paris, a watercolor by Henry Miller

Lone by Tom Burckhardt

TM advertisement for lecture at the Art Academy in Memphis, TN, ca. late 1970's

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