Friday, March 1, 2013

Studio Visit: Tom Burckhardt

Tom Burckhardt in his studio in Manhattan, 2013.

This week I had the chance to visit the studio of Tom Burckhardt. It was great to finally meet a painter I've admired for some time.
Burckhardt's work blurs the lines between painting and sculpture, the Modern and the Conceptual. Ambitious projects such as the Slump paintings and the all encompassing Full Stop installation from 2005 offer personally quirky takes on the romantic notions of the artist's studio and the personification of the art object.
Burckhardt's work often deals with traditional stereotypes of artists viewed through an individually conceptual filter. He describes his personality as a wedge between the motivating force of doubt (think de Kooning or Guston) and the absurdity of placing oneself in that position. 
But let's not forget that these are striking paintings as well even without Burckhardt's keen, direct and conceptual observations.

*Many of the paintings featured in this post are in process and are not finished pieces.


Erin O'Keefe said...

Really beautiful work that I was not aware of - thanks so much for the post.

Terry said...

Fantastic work!!!