Friday, January 4, 2013

Studio Visit With Dale McNeil

Last October I was able to visit, painter, Dale McNeil's studio in Memphis, TN. This photo blog presents studio views and unfinished work that  McNeil was preparing for his upcoming online exhibition @ Brian Edmond's Curating Contemporary website.

A line from the artist's statement:

I use my paintings as a record of ideas easily forgotten and often misunderstood. I keep my tools for recording simple and often they are imperfect. Paint is not a perfect record, paint is not perfect, paint is evidence of life.

A quote jotted in the artist's sketchbook:

"…the simple imitation impulse to enter into disputation with nature as, on the other hand, the utilization of natural forces (which is, after all, also a disputation with nature) has to do with the higher psychic impulse to create gods for oneself."
(Worringer "Abstraction and Empathy" p12)

Dale McNeil in his studio, Memphis, TN., October 2012

For more information on Dale McNeil and his work visit his website here.

Also view McNeil's online exhibition on Curating Contemporary from January 7 - Feburary 7, 2013


Barbara CampbellThomas said...

love these studio visit posts--always a good way to preface a studio day.

Paul Behnke said...

Thanks Barbara!