Thursday, September 15, 2011

Painting and Soundsuits In Chelsea 9/2011

Ronnie Landfield: Structure and Color @ Stephen Haller Gallery

Rosy Keyser: Promethean Dub @ Peter Blum in Chelsea

For more images check out Romanblog II

Nick Cave: For Now @ Mary Boone Gallery on West 24 Street


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this lively and inspiring post. I don't get to Chelsea enough so this is food for inspiration. BTW did you have to sneak these pix or did the gallerists allow it?
Always a problem for me when blogging...

Paul Behnke said...

most of the time galleries don't mind the photos- sometimes they ask to be sent a link to the post.
Sometimes Gagosian and Pace will not allow photos---sometimes they will...