Monday, September 19, 2011

CAA: Contemporary Abstract Art

Wilma Vissers

Heidi Pollard

Yifat Gat

CAA is an online project space created in 2011, organized by artist Yifat Gat and dedicated to promoting international contemporary abstract art. I am happy to be included in such a talented group...
Participating artists are:
Julie Alexander, Ky Anderson, Paul Behnke, Karl Bielik, Valerie Brennan, Barbara Campbell Thomas, Brian Cypher, Yifat Gat, Kendal Hathaway, Vincent Hawkins, René Korten, Mikhail Lezin, Heidi Pollard, David Rhodes,  and Wilma Vissers.
Please follow the link below for more information on participating artists and images of their work.

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Debu Barve said...

Thanks Paul for sharing this!