Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meet Julie Lohnes: The New Gallery Director for A.I.R. Gallery

Julie Lohnes, Gallery Director @ A.I.R. Gallery
photo credit: A.I.R. Gallery

Julie Lohnes has taken over the reigns as the new Gallery Director for Brooklyn's A.I.R. Gallery.
Lohnes is a sculptor and multi-media installation artist whose work has recently been featured in such exhibits as: Back to New York @ H P Garcia Gallery, NYC, Escape From New York @ the Fabricolor Building in Patterson, NJ, and Supergirl @ Nexus Foundation in Philadelphia, PA.

A.I.R. Gallery's Mission Statement:
A.I.R. (Artists in Residence) Gallery was founded in 1972 as the first artist run gallery for women in the United States. A.I.R. provides a professional and permanent exhibition space for women artists to present work of quality and diversity. A.I.R. is an artist directed and maintained gallery, providing a sense of community for women and serving as a model for alternative galleries and organizations. Through lectures, symposia and a Fellowship Program for emerging women artists, A.I.R. Gallery sustains a political awareness and voice, and brings new understanding to attitudes about women in the arts.

111 Front Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Scott&Steve said...

Congrats Julie!

ariele @ brooklyn to west said...

Such a great photograph. Julie, you look great!

Anonymous said...

Nice post! I visited this gallery in the 80's. They have always been one of my favorites!