Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Studio Visit: William Bradley

William Bradley in his studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, 2017.

Last week I was pleased to visit the studio of York, UK born painter William Bradley.
Bradley has recently relocated to Brooklyn from Los Angeles but manages to maintain an active presence in the two cities as well as London.

I first became aware of his work upon visiting his Tall Tales solo exhibition at Galerie Richard, NY  in 2013 and have kept up with him ever since.

Bradley's paintings occupy an impalpable space between the subtly poetic and a contemporary punch.
With an elegant eye for composition and a hardscrabble enthusiasm for paint and the abstract reality it is capable of invoking, Bradley reimagines and deconstructs seminal formal mainstays associated with the New York School and modernist abstraction.  
The results are intelligent, buoyant paintings that hint at an admiration of the tradition's recent past while they undermine and rebuild it into a strong contemporary vision.

Studio view with work in progress.

Collage work and a new painting in progress.

Studio view.

Studio view.

Studio corner view with paintings in progress.

A detail from a new work in progress.

Studio view.

William Bradley, Trouble Shooting, 2016.
Courtesy of Galerie Kornfeld

William Bradley, Love Drunk, 2017.
Courtesy of UNIX Gallery

William Bradley, Acid Test, 2015.
Courtesy of UNIX Gallery

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Liz Doyle said...

Lovely bold works. The first few images remind me of some of the paintings in Ann Purcell's show at Berry Campbell
All the best
Liz Doyle