Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday in Chelsea

Kim Dorland: For Lori @ Mike Weiss Gallery
June 23 - August 27

Summer Show Private Events @ Blank Space 
August 4 - September 2

Anne Russinof

Matthew Langley

J.T. Kirkland

Ghost in the Machine, curated by Stephen Westfall @ Lennon, Weinberg, Inc.
June 23 - August 19

Rachel Beach

Don Christensen

Stephen Westfall

Jackie Meier

Nicholas Krushenick

Harriet Korman

Don Voisine

John McLaughlin

Thomas Raggio

Jennifer Riley

Artist include: John McLaughlin, Nicholas Krushenick, Don Christensen,
Harriet Korman, Don Voisine, Stephen Westfall, Jennifer Riley, Rachel Beach, 
Jackie Meier, and Thomas Raggio.

Christopher Wilmarth @ Betty Cuningham Gallery
July 7 - August 12


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Love love Harriet Korman. And the McLaughlin is somewhat of a revelation. It's weird - simultaneously recognizable latecubist geometric abstract style, and yet very contemporary funky discovery.

Paul Behnke said...

Hi vc.
I've admired your own work often.
Missed seeing it since you dropped from FB so I'm glad to find your blog!

Anonymous said...