Matt Ducklo @ Launch F18

240, 2013, gelatin silver print, 24 x 20 inches.

From the Press Release:

Ducklo has lived and worked in Memphis, Tennessee for the past five years, having returned after a decade in New York City. The photographs on view arose from indiscriminate night drives he began to take in Memphis. Gradually, photographing became part of these excursions turning the open drive into a restless search. Taking advantage of nocturnal stillness to explore the city, Ducklo found a rich topology of light, shadow, and silence, touchstones among the uncanny.
 Against this backdrop, Ducklo shows us varied pictures that include neighborhoods, parking lots, a jail, a school gym, the densely forested city park, a public sculpture, and a bus stop. Many of the pictures presented depict church vans, secured in cages, protected from theft. This recurring signpost of confinement and protection acts as a refrain to the diverse images of a city at night. The language within Ducklo's work reverberates what is known to be true; day follows night, but sometimes tomorrow is a long time.

Matt Ducklo was born in 1973 in Memphis, TN and continues to live and work there. He attended The University of Tennessee (BA) and Yale University (MFA). Ducklo’s solo exhibitions include Eleven Rivington, NY; Bellwether, NY; Elizabeth Dee, NY; and The Power House, Memphis, TN. Group exhibitions include Franklin Street Works, Stanford, CT; Derek Eller Gallery, NY; and The Queens Museum of Art, NY, among others. Matt Ducklo joined Launch F18 in February 2015.

Matt Ducklo: Tomorrow is a Long Time

Opening March 25, 6 - 8 pm

March 25 - April 26, 2015

94 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002