David Myrvold @ Mölnlycke kulturhus

Willow, 2014, oil on MDF board, 60 x 56.5 cm.

From the Artist's Statement:

The exhibition is the result of my fascination for different types of landscape depictions. The opera "Atys", which was written by Jean Baptiste Lully in 1676, is one of those sources which served as my inspiration. Briefly, the story takes place at Cybèles holy mountain ( goddess ) and in the final scene Atys takes his own life as a result of the Gods nasty game with humanity. Atys is celebrated and praised by all for his faithfulness and virtue, and his reward is to be reborn as "a tree that never loses its color despite the severest cold, and when it burns, get the brightest flames". Atys was reborn as a pine tree.

The imagery in my paintings tells of an intrusive painting, where the
veins of the leaf, branches and crowns against the sky are smudged or stylized and simplified. The expressions in the various pictures are similar, as if the tree’s own membership in the fauna is
disappearing and becomes reduced to one individual, and/or like a
city overview with our architectural forms.
My work aims to create an artistic dialogue with rendered landscape
descriptions and theories of the landscape, interpretations and use
of cultural propaganda that the landscape can be forced to submit to, during the course of time.

About the Artist:

David Myrvold was born in Sweden in 1976. During and after studying at the Royal College of Fine Art in Stockholm, he made numerous trips to the Middle East to countries such as Syria, Palestine and Egypt. In 2010, Myrvold returned
to his hometown, of Trollhattan, on the west coast of Sweden. In addition to his studio practice, Myrvold holds an appointment as an art educator at a youth culture house.

David Myrvold: Atys

Through April 25, 2015

Biblioteksgatan 2


Sue Marrazzo said…
so bright and interesting!
Paul Behnke said…
Hi Sue,
Yes, I wish I could see this show in person.