Alex Paik and Debra Ramsay @ TSA New York

 Debra Ramsay

 (detail from work above)

 Installation view

From the Press Release:

While their color palettes generate an immediate sense of relationship, Paik arrives at his intuitively, while Ramsay’s is system-based. The artists share a generative process of making, a cultivation of a standardized element that is repeated and worked. In Alex’s case, it’s a geometric form, a unit that he multiplies and folds, orients or otherwise uses again and again to make the work. Debra walked a specific trail, collecting colors every hundred steps via photographs, once each season, generating a palette of 72 distinct colors that were worked in a variety of ways. Both artists consider the element of time. Paik’s work changes as you change your viewing angle; Ramsay documents color change at one location over the year, as an absurd time keeping device.

Alex Paik

 Alex Paik

About the Artists:

Alex Paik was born in 1981 in Oxnard, California and currently lives and works in Brooklyn. His work has been exhibited recently at The Painting Center, Millsaps College, Space 4 Art: San Diego, Nancy Margolis Gallery, and Parallel Art Space. Recent solo shows include Paper Constructs at Guest Spot @ The Reinstitute, and Recapitulation Bop at Gallery Joe. Paik’s work has been in several art fairs, including Drawing Now: Paris, Amsterdam Drawing, Pulse:New York and Miami, artMRKT San Francisco, and Texas Contemporary. He is currently represented by Gallery Joe in Philadelphia and is the director of Tiger Strikes Asteroid New York, an artist-run exhibition space in Bushwick.

Debra Ramsay works in the disciplines of painting, drawing and installation. She maintains a full time studio practice in New York City. Ramsay was awarded a 2016 Residency at the Albers Foundation, a 2013 Residency at the Golden Foundation in New Berlin, NY and in 2012 a Fellowship at BAU Institute in Otranto, Italy. Ramsay’s 2014 exhibitions include Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden Pocket Utopia in Chelsea, Visual Arts Center of NJ, Summit, NJ, and The Bruce High Quality Foundation, NYC. In 2013 she had a solo show titled MAT/tam, curated by Lucio Pozzi at Palazzo Costa, in Mantova, Italy.

Installation view, Alex Paik

Debra Ramsay (detail)

Generative Processes: Alex Paik and Debra Ramsay

Through March 29, 2015

TSA New York
1329 Willoughby Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11237